Charles Schwab Volunteer Week

on Monday, 20 June 2016.

Charles Schwab hosted their annual Schwab Volunteer Week the week of May 23rd. Girlstart hosted two groups of volunteers and they were packed full of fun and productivity.

On May 24th, a group of Schwab employees volunteered their time getting materials ready for our Summer Camp to-go programs. Volunteers assembled over 400 engineering journals for girls, assembled nametags, cut out cardboard, and so much more. We are so thankful for all of their hard work getting us ready for our travel camps!


Jurassic Adventure Week 2 Guest Speakers

on Saturday, 18 June 2016.

At the beginning of the week, Jurassic Adventure campers received a visit from University of Texas paleontology graduate student Lauren English. She explained that paleontologists study not only dinosaurs, but also all prehistoric life. She shared facts about the current prehistoric crocodiles she studies. Lauren also brought a tooth from a megalodon, a prehistoric shark, which the girls examined eagerly.


The campers had an energetic dialogue with Lauren as they shared stories and questions. By the end, most of the girls raised their hands when Lauren asked who was interested in becoming a paleontologist.

Circus Circus Guest Speakers

on Wednesday, 15 June 2016.

This week members of DPR Construction came to our Circus Circus campers with a fun project: building their very own toolboxes! When they asked the girls if anyone in their family worked in construction, all of the responses were men. The ladies of DPR assured the campers that there are women in male-dominated construction field and encouraged them to join.


Camp Jurassic Adventure Week 1 Guest Speakers

on Thursday, 09 June 2016.

This week, Camp Jurassic Adventure 4th and 5th graders were treated to a visit from Lauren Bussiere and Stacy Drake from the Texas Archeological Research Lab. Lauren and Stacy spoke about the research they do as archaeologists and provided the campers with an array of fossils and artifacts to examine.


Lauren and Stacy explained that as archaeologists, they study humans, while paleontologists study dinosaurs. The girls were fascinated to learn that humans have only been around for about 200,000 years, while paleontologists are studying dinosaur fossils from 65 million years ago.

They told the campers about the fossilization process, as well as the different significances of each artifact and fossil they brought. The girls were able to share their knowledge they have learned this week as well as see the real-world applications and careers shared by Lauren and Stacy. 

Girls in STEM 2016

on Monday, 25 April 2016.

Girlstart hosted the 11th annual Girls in STEM Conference on April 16th at Travis High School in Austin, TX. A little over 650 girls registered to attend this one day conference from all over the state. It was our biggest conference yet filled with amazing stories and smiles on girls faces. 

The day consisted of hands-on workshops led by over 130 STEM professionals in various STEM fields such as: engineering, programming, medical, archeology, and more. There were also close to 100 volunteers on hand to ensure the day was success.

Volunteers and presenters joined us from all walks of life: high school students, college students, past Girlstart participants, parents, teachers, engineers, etc. Thank you all for inspiring and encouraging girls in STEM.

Check out the Girls in STEM highlights. 

Thank You National Instruments!

on Tuesday, 12 April 2016.

Summer is right around the corner and Girlstart is getting ready to host several weeks of camp at our facility. Thankfully a group of volunteers from National Instruments helped get our building camp-ready. Volunteers helped spread dirt for our grass and updated our computer lab with new laptops. 

Thank You AAUW!

on Friday, 08 April 2016.

Members from the Austin branch of AAUW joined us for a morning of goody bag stuffing. Volunteers helped stuff over 650 bags for girls attending our annual Girls in STEM Conference. AAUW has been a long time supporter of Girlstart and our conference and we appreciate their continued help and support. 

Thank You Stitch Fix!

on Thursday, 07 April 2016.

This year at our annual Girls in STEM Conference, the day kicked off with an engineering challenge. Girls learned a little about the Chilean Miner incident and were tasked with creating a prototype for a safe and sturdy piece of equipment to efficiently rescue a miner.

Volunteers at Stitch Fix helped assemble over 650 kits for each girl to use in her challenge. Kits included supplies such as pipe cleaners, toothpicks, rubber bands, spoons, and more. We are so thankful for their help in making this a fun and educational challenge for girls.

Thank You Dell!

on Thursday, 31 March 2016.

Dell has been a long time supporter of Girlstart with active volunteers throughout the years. A group from the Configuration Services team joined us for a morning of summer camp prep. Volunteers helped portion out materials for our Mystery Powder lesson, cut cardboard for a marble maze activity, and more. We are so thankful for their help and support!

International Women's Day

on Tuesday, 15 March 2016.

March 8th was International Women's Day. Girlstart celebrated the day at Visa with a panel of women in technology to discuss how to empower the next generation. Panelists included:

Arleene Porterfield - VP, Global Information Technology - National Instruments
Denise Raper - Sr. Director, Network Processing Architecture & Consulting - Visa
Janet Cinfio - SVP, Technology Operations & CIO - Acxiom
Linda Albornoz - VP, Brokerage Services (CBS) Technology - Charles Schwab
Siobhan McKenney - Senior Manger, Systems Testing Services - Charles Schwan
Stacey Zoll - VP, Corporate Business Systems - Visa

Photo: Alejandro Landaverde

Photo: Alejandro Landaverde

Thank You Acxiom!

on Tuesday, 08 December 2015.

This year Girlstart is offering after school clubs in over 30 schools in central Texas and close to 20 throughout the state serving approximately 1300 girls each week. That means we need lots of materials and help getting activities ready.

DeSTEMber Fest

on Monday, 07 December 2015.

Girlstart hosted our annual DeSTEMber Fest at the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin, TX on December 6th. Close to 500 girls and boys attended and participated in winter themed hands-on activities. We also helped the Bullock countdown to the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens with an AT-AT engineering station as well as a demo on how to turn your cellphone into a 3D hologram. Thank you to the 50 volunteers that helped us kickoff the month of DeSTEMber and spread the STEM cheer!

Thank You National Instruments!

on Wednesday, 18 November 2015.

This spring, after school programs in Girlstart to-go schools are learning about earth sciences. Lessons include the use of sand, gravel, dirt, top soil, and more. Thankfully a group from National Instruments joined us for an afternoon of prepping and sorting these materials. Volunteers happily dug in, filling bags with dirt and sorting an assortment of supply. We appreciate their time and energy in getting after school programs ready for a fun and educational spring semester.

Thank you!

Thank You Spooky Extravaganza Volunteers!

on Thursday, 05 November 2015.

Girlstart teamed up with the Bullock Texas State History Museum on October 30th to host our annual Spooky Extravaganza! The weather was a bit dreary outside but that didn't stop hundred of kids and families from partaking in spooky fun.

Volunteers who led booth activities such as boo bubbles, creepy crawly bugs, skeletons, owls and more. Thank you, volunteers, for making the day possible and fun for the Austin community!

Thank you 2015 Game Changers Volunteers!

on Wednesday, 07 October 2015.

Girlstart hosted it's annual Game Changers Luncheon on September 23rd at the JW Marriott. The event sold out and raised funds that directly benefit Girlstart's After School Programs.

Throughout the day over 20 volunteers helped set up the ballroom with centerpieces and goody bags, assisted with registration, took tickets for mystery boxes and t-shirts, and supported take down once the event ended. It was a great day and we are thankful for all the attendees and volunteers that support Girlstart.

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