STEM Society

STEM Society
As you know, STEM comes together at the moment of innovation; innovation, invention, and discovery are the heart and soul of Girlstart. Just as in our programs for girls, the STEM Society is an intersection of learning and fun: where STEM is not just a priority for lifelong learning, it’s a priority because it’s fun to do. You’ll join a group of Central Texas leaders who share your commitment to improving STEM education for girls, who share a love for learning and experiencing new things, and make new connections with like-minded people.

Our STEM Society is a way to invest in Girlstart at the same time you gain vanguard learning and networking opportunities. STEM Society donors—those contributing a cumulative gift of at least $1,000 in one year—enjoy special recognition and invitations to featured events throughout the year. As a STEM Societydonor, you have the opportunity to become engaged with our remarkable programs, extraordinary friends and volunteers, and curious and creative staff.

STEM Society donors gain:

  • invitations to quarterly networking meetings with regional
  • high-level STEM professionals and Girlstart alumna
  • complimentary ticket to Girlstart’s Annual Luncheon featuring
  • national STEM leaders
  • behind the scenes access at our Girls In STEM conference
  • invitations to Girlstart special events, networking receptions,
  • alumna recognition and other STEM happenings throughout the year
  • special invitation to annual appreciation event
  • use of the STEM Room at Girlstart for offsite meetings

Most importantly, your donation helps to support girls’ participation in high quality STEM educational programs, and prepares them to become the next generation of STEM professionals. STEM Society donors provide the needed funds to make possible Girlstart’s STEM education programs for girls. Join us and help us to continue our progress and our remarkable trajectory as a unique STEM organization serving girls in Central Texas and beyond. Thank you in advance for your partnership in our progress, and thank you for your support!

STEM Society Members ($1,000 and up)

Arcie and Craig Jordan 
Arleene Porterfield
Becky Austen and Stacy Holt
Becky Hyde
Betsy Blair and Jim Van Winkle 
Brook Randal and David Schwender
Carolyn and Mike Maples
Carolyn Seriff
Catherine and David Wilkes
Cheryl Jennings
Christine and Robert Fox 
Constance Rodriguez
Dana and Doug Hillary 
David Sassen
Dayna and Kevin Manning 
Debby Fleming
Donna Patterson
Donna Warton
Elaine Kant
Elizabeth Seriff
Erika and Michael Linford
Gail and Jeff Kodosky
Grant Imahara
Holly Ahern
Jaime Melanson
Jay Ann and Harriss Currie
Jeffrey Davis
Jennifer Wuamett 
Jodi and Scott Hayes
Joseph and Amy Kopser
Julie Rogers
Karen and Bernard Coker
Kate Vilece
Kathryn Huxtable 
Kati Hernandez-Cowles and James Cowles 
Katy Lindsay
Laurie Loew
Leasa Neaves
Lyn Herr
Lynn Stahl
Maggie Sawicki
Meg Wilson
Michelle and Jason Schneider
Michelle and Steven Roebuck
Nancy and Todd Penner
Pat Brand
Rachel and Eric Brynsvold
Randy Sabbagh and John Shearer
Rani Clasquin and Eric Harslem
Rebecca Nelson Davis 
Sara Brumfield
Sara Spivey and Michael Schenk
Sharon Francia 
Skip Cooley
Stephanie Barko
Susan Nestegard
Suzanne and Ross Tobleman
Wendy Benson 

Associate STEM Society ($999-500)

Alexandra Masters
Amy Porter

Bronwyn Blake
Christy and Ryan Schooler
Dawn Anderson
Dawn Jones

Kathleen Hausenfluck
Kathy Jernigan
Kay Taebel
Lori Donley
Margaret Murphy
Martha Lawlor
Omer Bar-or
Orion Robillard
Patricia and Ronald Wamsted

Rachel Kmetz
Scott Studer

Shelley Mitchell
Stefanie Breyer
Susan Pratt 
Terri Loeffler