This summer, you can help send a girl to camp! 

With your support, girls who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend camp can experience a week of summer STEM fun! 

Send a girl or a group of girls to camp

Camp for 1 girl= $300
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Make your own personal or team page

Invite your friends to help you raise needed scholarships.
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Sample Tweets: 

Send a girl to camp @girlstart, watch her change the world! Donate today! #sendagirltocamp www.sendagirltocamp.org 

Empower a girl this summer @girlstart! #sendagirltocamp www.sendagirltocamp.org

How will she change the world? @girlstart #sendagirltocamp www.sendagirltocamp.org

Join me and help #sendagirltocamp this summer @girlstart! www.sendagirltocamp.org
Help @girlstart send more girls to summer camp @girlstart! www.sendagirltocamp.org

Support #STEM education and help #sendagirltocamp! @girlstart www.sendagirltocamp.org
Find out how you can support #STEM through #sendagirltocamp @girlstart: www.sendagirltocamp.org
Sample Google+ and Facebook Posts:
Do you love STEM and Girlstart? You can spread the love and help send a girl to Girlstart Summer Camp! Find out how here: www.sendagirltocamp.org

I'm raising money to help send a girl to Girlstart camp this summer! Please support me in reaching my goal. (insert fundraising page link here)

Join me and help #sendagirltocamp this summer! www.sendagirltocamp.org

Help Girlstart send more girls to summer camp! www.sendagirltocamp.org


Sample Fundraising Page:

Page Title: [insert name]'s Fundraising Page

Welcome to my personal fundraising page!

This summer, Girlstart will give over 100 scholarships to girls so they can attend a meaningful summer camp and learn tons of science, technology, engineering and math- with other girls! It costs $300 to send a girl to camp. Please help me send a girl to camp! I'm raising money for [insert #] scholarships. Your gift is tax deductible and will make a huge difference for a girl this summer! And if you want to make your own fundraising page visit www.sendagirltocamp.org. Our goal is to raise 100 scholarships before May 31st. Anything helps!!

Thank you for supporting Girlstart! 

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