Summer Camps

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Girlstart's camps serve entering 4th-5th grade and entering 6th-8th grade girls simultaneously during the summer (regular and junior camps are held in separate activity spaces).

Summer 2016 Dates & Descriptions

Jurassic Adventure (4th-5th)
June 6-10 & June 13-17 (download waitlist form here)
Description: Help Girlstart construct our own safe dinosaur theme park! Use your creativity to engineer a rubber band powered jeep, design an enclosure to protect visitors from the predators inside, compare pterodactyl and modern bird flight, and more. Gather your shovels and brushes to examine the ‘prehistoric pieces’ in Girlstart’s Jurassic adventure.

Circus Circus (6th-8th)
June 6-10 & June 13-17 (download waitlist form here)
Description: Jugglers, tightrope walkers, and more! The circus is filled with death-defying feats, incredible animals, and amazing performers. Design a sturdy circus tent, explore the strength of an elephant’s trunk, engineer a fun house of mirrors, and discover why carnival games are so challenging in Girlstart’s very own circus!

Under the Sea (4th-5th)
June 20-24 & June 27-July 1 (download waitlist form here)
Description: Dive in to discover the wonders of the ocean! Create your own tide pools, engineer a sea turtle nest cage, dissect a starfish, design a robot to help clean the ocean, program an online game with your favorite sea animal, and more. Be a marine biologist as you uncover the mysteries of the big blue sea.

World Tour (6th-8th)
June 20-24 June 27-July 1 (download waitlist form here)
 Follow a pop star and her squad on her world tour. Discover everything it takes to put on such an elaborate production from lighting to location! Design a solar powered tour bus, soundproof a recording studio, engineer a rotating stage, and more. From engineering details to the mainstage event, it takes more than a pop star to put on an amazing show!

Hermione’s Mayhem of Mazes (4th-5th & 6th-8th)

July 11-15July 18-22, & July 25-29 (download waitlist form here)
July 11-15July 18-22, & July 25-29 (download waitlist form here)
 Channel your inner Hermione to solve Girlstart’s mayhem of mazes. Race the clock as you engineer a device to safely remove a puzzle piece from the Whomping Willow tree, construct a marble maze to challenge your friends, and use your cryptography skills to decode a hidden message. Program robots to solve the Triwizard maze, fly a drone to drop a clue, and more at this mind-boggling camp!

Don't miss our nationally-recognized STEM summer camps just for girls entering 4th-8th grades in 2016-2017.

Girlstart Summer Camps are week-long STEM programs for girls entering the 4th-8th grades. These programs achieve consistent positive outcomes by combining formal and informal educational strategies with challenging and relevant STEM curriculum. Girlstart Summer Camps provide individualized experiences that develop a strong conceptual understanding of STEM subjects and increase participants’ interest in STEM activities and careers.

Recently evaluated by Change the Equation as one of only four exemplary STEM education programs in America, Girlstart's Summer Camp programs have consistently received national recognition. Girlstart Summer Camp allows girls to explore STEM in a fun, informal environment, and equips girls with STEM skills they will use for life. Girlstart’s camp provides unique experiences that develop a strong conceptual understanding of STEM subjects and increase participants’ interest in STEM activities and careers.

Girlstart cultivates a culture where risk is rewarded, curiosity is encouraged, and creativity is expected. As a result, Girlstart girls are connected, brave, and resilient. Girlstart makes girls more successful, and inspires them to take on the world’s greatest challenges.

All Girlstart camps include a balance of hands-on STEM activities, relevant technology, collaborative team building and informal camp fun!