Summer Camps

"She really enjoyed ALL of the hands-on science activities. She always thought science was boring (at school) and did not consider it a subject she liked. You should have seen how excited she was when explaining all she learned about the whale's blubber, exoskeletons, birds' wing span, and animal habitats. The camp completely changed her perspective about science! Of course now she says she wants to be a veterinarian." - 2014 Summer Camp Parent 

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2015 Summer Camps Weeks:

Once Upon a Time
June 8-12 (WAITLIST), June 15-19 (WAITLIST), & June 22-26 (WAITLIST)
There are no damsels in distress here! Be brave, creative and curious as you build a beanstalk to reach the clouds, engineer a crane to rescue Rapunzel from her tower, design an unforgettable LED shoe for Cinderella, and more. Girls will program their own fairy tale computer game and virtual enchanted forest maze.

Keep Girlstart Weird
June 8-12 (WAITLIST), June 15-19 (WAITLIST), & June 22-26 (WAITLIST)
Live music, Congress Bridge bats, Lady Bird Lake and more! These cool and interesting things about Austin are what make our city the best place to live. Girls will recreate the 360 bridge, design a one-of-a-kind food truck, engineer an outdoor music stage, and explore the unique creatures of Austin.

Scrub In
July 6-10 (WAITLIST& July 13-17 (WAITLIST)
Put on your scrubs, pull back your hair, and get ready to scrub in! Examine what it takes to suture a cut, design a working prosthetic device and diagnose growing bacteria. Girls will uncover the mysteries of our organs, build the popular operation board game, and more. It’s the perfect prescription for fun.

Everything is Awesome
July 6-10 (WAITLIST& July 13-17 (WAITLIST)
You've got the power! Discover the engineering secrets behind different types of energy. Girls will create unique light up play dough creations, design a flashlight powered by a magnet, construct a death defying roller coaster, determine what makes a glow stick glow, and more.

Camp Hermione
4th-5th & 6th-8th
July 20-24 (WAITLIST) & July 27-31 (WAITLIST)
Calling all muggles! Channel your inner Hermione Granger as you discover chemical reactions in Potions class, design a catapult in Defense Against the Dark Arts class, construct a sturdy tower to watch Quidditch, and more. Girls will program their own online TriWizard Tournament maze and program a virtual Hogwarts castle.

Girlstart's camps serve entering 4
th-5th grade and entering 6th-8th grade girls simultaneously all summer long (regular and junior camps are held in separate activity spaces).

Girlstart Summer Camps are week-long STEM programs for girls entering the 4th-8th grades. These programs achieve consistent positive outcomes by combining formal and informal educational strategies with challenging and relevant STEM curriculum. Girlstart Summer Camps provides individualized experiences that develop a strong conceptual understanding of STEM subjects and increase participants’ interest in STEM activities and careers.

Recently evaluated by Change the Equation as one of only four exemplary STEM education programs in America, Girlstart's Summer Camp programs have consistently received national recognition. Girlstart Summer Camp allows girls to explore STEM in a fun, informal environment, and equips girls with STEM skills they will use for life. Girlstart’s camp provides unique experiences that develop a strong conceptual understanding of STEM subjects and increase participants’ interest in STEM activities and careers.

Girlstart cultivates a culture where risk is rewarded, curiosity is encouraged, and creativity is expected. As a result, Girlstart girls are connected, brave, and resilient. Girlstart makes girls more successful, and inspires them to take on the world’s greatest challenges.

All Girlstart camps include a balance of hands-on STEM activities, relevant technology, collaborative team building and informal camp fun!

95% of campers reported they think developing video games, apps, or programming robots would be a fun career after attending Girlstart Summer Camp.