Meet Game Changer Hala Ballouz

Name: Hala N. Ballouz

Company: Electric Power Engineers, Inc.

Title: President

Girlstart: Was there a game changer in your life that encouraged you in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)? If so, please tell us a little bit about how she/he encouraged you.

Hala: It is hard to say, because I loved sciences in school a lot, but I excelled in literature too.  I knew early on I was going into Sciences, however I think what made me go into Electrical Engineers is one professor’s challenge back in 1983 who said that “Electrical Engineering is too hard for girls!”

Girlstart: What’s it like to be a woman working in a male-dominated STEM field?

Hala: A lot of fun.  There is a bit of challenge. 

Girlstart: Why is confidence in STEM important for girls?

Hala: Confidence is the only way to go beyond the limits.  In a male dominated career, a girl has to go beyond the limits sometimes to establish herself at the beginning, be recognized, and no longer be seen as a girl.  Confidence allows you to do that.

Girlstart: What do you think should be done to encourage the next generation of girls inSTEM?

Hala: To show them the excellence of all the successful women, and make them understand that it is really not difficult at all to enter this  domain.  All one has to do is be themselves and persist.

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