DeSTEMber Materials List

Activities for the week of December 1st-3rd 2016

We are very excited for our first week of DeSTEMber!

Each Sunday we will post the materials list for the upcoming week:

12.01 - Homemade Compass
12.02 - Human Slingshot
12.03 - Marshmallow Slingshot
12.03 - DeSTEMber Fest @ the Girlstart STEM Center from 9:30am-Noon (visit our website for more information here)

12.01 - Homemade Compass
Blunt sewing needle
Bowl of water
Magnet wand
Small cork (2-3cm thick)

12.02 - Human Slingshot
1 12" elastic cord
Masking tape
5 paint stirrers
4 paperclips
4 rubber bands (all sizes)
1 small whiffle ball
Tacky glue
8 tongue depressors

12.03 - Marshmallow Slingshot
Golf pencil
Hole puncher
Jumbo marshmallow (or other object to launch, like a small ball)
Pen or marker
2 thin rubber bands
2 toilet paper tubes, or one paper towel tube cut in half

12.03 - DeSTEMber Fest @ Girlstart STEM Center from 9:30am-Noon
Come join us for free, fun, winter-themed science activities at the Girlstart STEM Center! Find out more information on our website here.

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