After School 'to Go' Spring 2017: Week 9

Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

This week, To-Go students practiced important skills used by Marine Engineers! Girls identified properties of different plastics, then applied this knowledge to a marine animal rescue device!


Girls prepared for the activity by discussing what they already knew about plastics. Students talked about everyday objects that contained plastic, how they disposed of these objects, and what properties these objects possessed. Next, each table worked together to determine properties of different plastic samples. Students observed the transparency, luster, brittleness, and rigidness of each plastic piece, then tested each piece for buoyancy.

After watching a video about plastic pollution in our oceans, students discussed the larger problem of pollution’s effect on marine animals. Girls were challenged to design a device to collect plastic pollution from the ocean with minimal disturbance to the marine environment. Each table worked with various materials to construct their device. STEM Crew leaders encouraged students to think about how their device would work - its fuel source, what types of plastic it could collect, where it would store the collected plastics, and its effect on marine life. Each group presented their device to the class. At the end of the activity, students discussed the importance of decreasing plastic pollution and allowing future marine life to thrive.

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