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After School Spring 2017: Week 7

Solar Ovens

This week in Girlstart, the girls were able to explore alternative forms of energy and see one in action! They put their building hats on and became Civil Engineers as they created their very own solar ovens! 


They started off by learning the difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy. Following, they were given cards with different examples of energy sources and had to work together to place the cards into the two categories. The girls then learned why renewable resources are so important, specifically when it comes to the benefits they provide. This includes lowering the emission of carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the environment, which have negative effects on wildlife that were seen in action the week before with Freddy the Fish. 

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After School 'to Go' Spring 2017: Week 7


This week at After School To-Go, students investigated different energy sources as Biofuel Engineers! After reviewing concepts like alternative energy, fermentation, and nonrenewable and renewable resources, girls discussed common sources of energy. What makes a resource renewable or nonrenewable? How do countries acquire more nonrenewable resources? Students explored these and other questions to prepare for their biofuels experiment.

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After School 'to Go' Spring 2017: Week 6

Where Does Your Trash Go?

This week at After School To-Go, girls reviewed concepts and learned skills used in the landfill engineer career! Fossil fuels, groundwater, and pollutants are all obstacles addressed by these engineers. To tackle these issues, landfill engineers receive training in toxic leak management, hazardous materials, and health dangers. Using a miniature model of a town, students worked together to solve these real-life problems.

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After School Spring 2017: Week 6

River Pollution - Freddy the Fish

Last week, girls explored how pollution contaminates ground water. This week, they learned what effect this pollution has on organisms and how to reverse this as Environmental Engineers! The activity began with the girls brainstorming types of pollution on post-its and sharing their ideas on the board. Ideas ranged from usual pollution such as trash to more specific types such as feces, paint toxins and oil. The affect of these specific pollutants on aquatic animals was then discussed before hearing the story of “Freddy the Fish.”  


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