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Spring Break at Discovery Green

Spring Break at Discovery Green
Monday, March 13th - Friday, March 17th
12:00-4:00pm each day
Free for the whole family!
Discovery Green
1500 McKinney St. 
Houston, TX 77010
Celebrate Spring Break at Discovery Green with five fun-packed days for the whole family. Girlstart’s Discovery Green Spring Break initiative includes fun hands-on STEM activities that foster general awareness about STEM and encourage children and families to recognize that ‘STEM is everywhere.’ 


Hands-On Wednesday

Sound Wave Spoons

Turn your kitchen drawers into a musical experience in this simple experiment. Using just yarn, metal utensils and your ears, see how the sound waves change from utensil to utensil. Can you find a correlation between the pitches emitted and the size of your utensils?

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After School Spring 2017: Week 5

Edwards Aquifer Lesson

As Environmental Scientists the girls discovered the purpose of aquifers and the effect pollution has on water through the modeling of an aquifer in a cup!

The girls started off by learning about our excessive use of water as humans and the effect that has on the environment. They found out that we each use about 50 gallons of water a day and about 2 million residents from south central Texas get their water from Edwards Aquifer. Furthermore, permeable, impermeable, groundwater and water table definitions were learned right before they saw it in action. 

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Hands-On Wednesday

Refraction of Light

Instead of turning your frown upside down, try turning It around in this simple experiment! Pick an image that you’d like to see reversed, and watch water do its magic as you pour it into a clear container. Make sure to see what happens when you change the distance between your image and the water – does this experiment work better when the image is closer or farther away?

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