Spooky Science Extravaganza

Lake Travis Community Library; October 22

Discover the science behind Halloween mysteries. Eerie experiments to creepy crawlers; there is something for everyone at our Spooky Extravaganza

Saturday, October 22
10:30- 12:30 p.m.

Lake Travis Community Library
2300 Lohman's Spur, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78734

Come enjoy hands-on FREE science fun!

Boo Bubbles

These are no ordinary bubbles!  When these bubbles go pop things really get spooky.  Find out what makes them so special by joining us at the Boo bubbles booth.

Blood Components
Attention Junior Vampires: Join us at this booth for a taste of some (candy) blood!
Learn about what blood is made of and create a candy model of it, too.  Then take home your tasty treat!

Owl Pellets
What sleeps during the day and awakes at night?  Owls wake up when the moon comes out to hunt for their food.  Dissect an owl pellet to find out what makes their meal!

Crystal Balls

Want to know what the future has in store for you?  Come here to create your own dry-ice crystal ball with a few simple ingredients and learn about what makes this ball grow right before your eyes.

Come here for a bone-shaking experience!  Piece together a puzzle of bones to create a life size human skeleton!

From downtown Austin:

Take Mopac south to Southwest Parkway and follow to Hwy 71.  Turn right and follow Hwy 71 west.  Turn right onto RR 620.  At Lohman's Spur Road (traffic light), turn left and go straight into Lohman's Crossing Shopping Center.  The library is all the way on your right.

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