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Hands-On Wednesday

Growing and Shrinking Egg

Have you ever seen a shell-less egg? Let's take it a step further by growing and shrinking them! Soak two eggs in two glasses of vinegar for 24 hours.  

Once they are shell-less place one egg in a cup of Karo corn syrup and another in a glass of water. Which one shrunk and which one grew? Was it because of permeable membranes?

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Hands-On Wednesday

Balance Magic

It might seem impossible to balance weight on just a toothpick. Watch some balance magic happen on a toothpick with this set up! Insert barbecue skewers on the sides of a cork and add some weight with marshmallows. Add a toothpick to the bottom of the skewer and balance it on different surfaces!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Floating Letters

Not all parts of an M&M are water soluble. Let's watch some letters float! Place some M&M's in a bowl of water and see how the colors dissolve. Meanwhile, the letters detach and float! 

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Hands-On Wednesday

Use a Straw to Poke a Potato

Can you poke a potato with a straw? Air pressure can help you achieve this! Use a plastic drinking straw and hold it by its top sides. Did it work? 

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