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Hands-On Wednesday

Test Your Dominant Side

You probably know if you are right or left-handed, but do you know what your dominant foot is, or even which eye is more dominant when you look at things? Your dominant side may vary depending on which side of your brain controls language or even because of the culture you are raised in. Go through a series of challenges and record what side you use for each task! You might even be ambidextrous!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Steel Wool & Vinegar Reaction

Want to see a chemical reaction release energy in the form of heat? Soak some steel wool in vinegar for a minute and then place it in another beaker. Monitor the initial temperature and compare it to the temperature after 5 minutes in the covered container. The beaker might even begin to get foggy as the temperature increases! 

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Hands-On Wednesday

Bubble Inside a Bubble

Blowing bubbles is fun, but what if you could blow bubbles inside other bubbles?! You can now create your own super lasting bubbles by mixing granulated sugar and dish soap in water! Wipe down your counter with the solution and start blowing bubbles inside other bubbles with a pipette. How many can you make? 

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Hands-On Wednesday

Make Your Own Quicksand

Have you wondered why things sink in quicksand? Quicksand is just sand that is over saturated with water. The water forces sand particles apart and the sand can no longer support weight! Make your own quicksand by mixing a cup of corn flour and half a cup of water. Stir it fast to make the sand harden or let it be still and observe its liquid state.

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