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Hands-On Wednesday


Build a simple hovercraft using everyday objects! Predict how the hovercraft will fly: will it glide, go up and down, or something completely unexpected? Create a hypothesis of how and why this hovercraft works and test it.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Cork Launcher

Learn about trajectory and simple mechanisms with this fun catapult activity. Build your very own cork launcher to propel items across the room; then test and modify your launcher to try and catapult items as far as possible.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Tornado in a Jar

Discover the science behind the formation of tornadoes by building a tornado in a jar! Learn how the formation of the vortex is created when the water spins rapidly due to the centripetal force. Work with a friend to see whose tornado is bigger! 

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Hands-On Wednesday

Hover Challenge

Have you ever been inside a submarine and wondered how it could float in water, but not sink all the way to the bottom? Build your very own submarine with this Hover Challenge and discover the two forces that act upon a submarine called buoyancy and gravity! Now go and challenge your friends to see whose submarine is the most successful.

Courtesy of Museum of Science + Industry Chicago

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