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Hands-On Wednesday

Make A Periscope

Let's look around with a homemade periscope! Use two 1-quart milk cartons or substitute with some cardboard tubes.  When you insert mirrors into your tube at an angle, you can look in one end of the periscope and see objects reflected from the other end of the scope. Now use your periscope to look over walls or around corners!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Egg Drop Inertia Trick

Looking for something fun to do with all those leftover Easter eggs? Try this egg-citing egg drop experiment and learn about inertia at the same time! First, use your color tablets or food coloring to add color to some glasses of water. Then grab a pie pan, cardboard tubes, and your eggs. Start off with one glass and work your way up to three or five!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Test Your Dominant Side

You probably know if you are right or left-handed, but do you know what your dominant foot is, or even which eye is more dominant when you look at things? Your dominant side may vary depending on which side of your brain controls language or even because of the culture you are raised in. Go through a series of challenges and record what side you use for each task! You might even be ambidextrous!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Steel Wool & Vinegar Reaction

Want to see a chemical reaction release energy in the form of heat? Soak some steel wool in vinegar for a minute and then place it in another beaker. Monitor the initial temperature and compare it to the temperature after 5 minutes in the covered container. The beaker might even begin to get foggy as the temperature increases! 

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