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Hands-On Wednesday

Burning Candles Underwater

Burn a candle in water in this experiment that demonstrates heat flow, the process that causes things to feel warm! The water surrounding the candle absorbs the heat from the flame, causing the candle to burn differently than a normal candle. When you light your underwater candle, light a normal one so you can compare the two. Which one burns longer? Do they look different after the flame has gone out?

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Hands-On Wednesday

Water Whistle

Make your own musical instrument using just a cup of water and a straw! When you blow through the straw, the moving air creates vibrations in the straw that produce a whistling sound. What happens to the sound if you move your straw up and down? If you use a different sized cup? Different sized straw?

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Hands-On Wednesday

Water Bottle Air Pressure

Learn about air pressure through this experiment using simple household items. By attaching a balloon to a half full water bottle with a straw, water can squirt out due to the transfer of pressure from the balloon to the bottle. Try this fun experiment at home to discover the science of air pressure. If you would like to watch a video of this experiment being done, click on this video at time 36:23. 

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Hands-On Wednesday

Lemon Suds Soap

Create a mountain of bubbles using baking soda, dish soap, and a magic ingredient – lemon! In this hands-on activity, baking soda and citric acid from the lemon react to produce carbon dioxide gas, or bubbles, and water. This lemon-scented foam has wonderful cleaning powers. Try it out!

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