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Hands-On Wednesday

Robo Wheel

A flywheel is any spinning wheel that stores energy. When the energy is released, the wheel can keep spinning on its own through momentum. Create your own robo wheel by taping two paper bowls together, threading a string through the center of the bowls, and winding it up. Now you can do tricks and release your spinning robo wheel!

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Hands-On Wednesday

The Lincoln High Dive

Make a penny dive straight down into a container of water by removing a hoop rapidly. When you pull the hoop out slowly, friction causes the penny to move with the hoop and it misses its target below. However, if you pull the hoop out very quickly, the lack of friction keeps the penny from going away with the hoop and gravity pulls it straight down. 

Use a stiff strip of paper that is .75 X 12 inches and create a hoop. Arrange your penny for a high dive and watch it land in the water! 

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Hands-On Wednesday

Bend Water

How can you bend water? It's simple, yet it also seems magical. Run a thin stream of water from the faucet and brush your hair with a comb. When you bring it close to the water, it will bend towards it! 

The negative electrons in your hair attach to the comb and become attracted to the positive charge in the water. It's like a magnet! 

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Hands-On Wednesday

Build Your Own Snowman

Want to avoid the summer heat with a fun, icy experiment? In just a few steps, in your own kitchen, you can build your own snowman! When you pour super chilled water on top of frozen ice, the water will instantly freeze and can be molded into your own snowman.

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