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Hands-On Wednesday

Make Your Own Rock Candy

Do you have a sweet tooth for science? With just a few ingredients and a little adult supervision you can grow your own rock candy! Watch as the super saturated solution of water and sugar cools and your candy crystals grow and grow!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Make A Static Powered Dancing Ghost

Can something like tissue paper move on its own? By creating a negative charge on a balloon, you can attract the positive charge of some tissue paper to create your own static powered dancing ghost. All you'll need is some tissue paper, a balloon, scissors, and a head of hair.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Make Loo Putty

Have you ever wondered how to make silly putty? Well now you can! With a few simple materials, you can watch a physical change of a liquid to a solid. Watch as these simple materials turn into a looy-gooey creation!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Fishing For Ice

Can you go fishing for ice with just a piece of string? It seems impossible, but with some salt you can catch a few ice cubes. Watch as the salt lowers the melting point for the ice, go fishing, and see how many you can catch!

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