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Hands-On Wednesday

Straw Hoop Glider

Do you love making paper airplanes? This glider may not look like a plane, but with just a drinking straw and an index card you can make your own hoop glider fly across the room. Then make a paper airplane and test which one flies farther!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Chicken In A Cup

When you tug on a piece of string or yarn by itself, it makes no sound. If you pull on the string after it has been put through the center of a plastic cup it sounds like a clucking chicken! The cup acts as a sounding board and amplifies the vibrations of the moving string. Grab some string, a plastic cup, and a paper clip to create your own chicken sounding cup!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Coin Tower

Try to pull the bottom coin out from a stack of coins. What happens? Did your coins topple over? This is caused by friction between the coins. Try using a butter knife to overcome the friction to remove the bottom coin without making your coin tower fall over!

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