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Hands-On Wednesday

Marshmallow Paint

Have some fun in the kitchen and learn about chemical reactions as you create your own marshmallow paint. Then get creative and use your paint to make a masterpiece!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Edible Glass

Explore the science behind glass production by creating your own piece of edible glass. Glass is created in nature when sand and rocks are heated to very high temperatures, then cooled quickly. Recreate this process with sugar instead of sand to make a piece of brittle clear glass that you can eat!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Hot Ice

Who knew that ice could be hot? Using only two household ingredients, you can watch room temperature liquid instantly turn into solid "ice" as you pour it.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Rapid Color Changing

Want to see liquid change colors in a bright and vibrant way? Just follow these simple instructions and watch the magic unfold! Hypothesize why this change happens, and why the colors change to other specific colors.

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