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Hands-On Wednesday

Vector Toy

In this demonstration, use your favorite walking toy to observe the forces causing the toy to move! Observe how the forces acting on the toy change as it gets closer to falling off the edge, and see how these changes affect the toy.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Walking Rainbow

Everyone loves a good rainbow! In this experiment, we made a rainbow out of water, paper towels, and just three colors. You will have to wait about 48 hours to see the full rainbow, but beautiful things take time! 

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Hands-On Wednesday

Speed up your Spin

In this blog post, we’re putting our own spin on the physics behind ballerinas. All you’ll need is a swivel chair, two heavy objects, and a friend to give you a helpful push. Give this a try and see if you feel like a ballerina yourself!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Dancing Worms

Chances are that you have participated in, or at least witnessed a volcano explosion created from baking soda and vinegar. In this version of the classic experiment to create carbon dioxide, take one of your favorite sweet treats and make it dance!

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