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Hands-On Wednesday

How Fold Mountains are Made

Have you ever looked at a mountain and wondered how it got so tall? If those mountains you were looking at were a part of the Rockies, Alps, Himalayas, or Andes, chances are that they were a fold mountain. In this investigation, you will create a model that will show exactly how these fold mountains are created. Grab some beach towels and check it out!

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Hands-On Wednesday

How Liquids Impact a Magnet

You may know that a magnet will attract paperclips, but do you know what happens if you place those paperclips in a liquid? In this experiment, investigate how different liquids affect the attraction of paperclips to the magnet. Before you perform your test, try out your hypothesizing skills - can you predict which liquid will impact the paperclips the most?

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Hands-On Wednesday

Sound Wave Spoons

Turn your kitchen drawers into a musical experience in this simple experiment. Using just yarn, metal utensils and your ears, see how the sound waves change from utensil to utensil. Can you find a correlation between the pitches emitted and the size of your utensils?

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Hands-On Wednesday

Refraction of Light

Instead of turning your frown upside down, try turning It around in this simple experiment! Pick an image that you’d like to see reversed, and watch water do its magic as you pour it into a clear container. Make sure to see what happens when you change the distance between your image and the water – does this experiment work better when the image is closer or farther away?

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