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Hands-On Wednesday

Soap Powered Boat

Create your own soap powered boat to travel across the water's surface. Soap is a surfactant, which means it breaks up the surface tension of water. When you put soap on the lightweight boat, the soap breaks up the surface tension on the water with enough force to move the boat forward. Now try out different kinds of soap to see which soap makes the boat go faster!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Did you know water temperature depends on the speed molecules move? Fast moving molecules make water warmer, while slow moving molecules result in cold water. Now use what you know about moving molecules to conduct an experiment to test if cold water or warm water is heavier.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Convection Current Weather

Have you ever wondered about the science behind thunderstorms? Thunderstorms are caused by unstable air, usually between warm air and an approaching cold front. These two bodies collide and the convection currents between them impact the weather. Check out this demonstration with water, food coloring, and ice to see how it happens! 

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Hands-On Wednesday

Foaming Snowman

In this "cool" experiment, form a snowman using your very own "snow" mixture! Once your snowman is built, use vinegar to melt it into a foamy puddle.

Extra tip: The materials list does not mention an aluminum pan, but using one may help with containing messes.

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