National Women's History Month

Women in Energy Week

Name:  Erin Keys
Company: Webber Energy Group (University of Texas at Austin)
Title: IGERT Fellow (Graduate Research Assistant)

Erin Keyes

Was there a person in your life that encouraged you in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and/or to enter your specific field? If so, please tell us a little bit about how she/he encouraged you:

Erin: Two people in particular encouraged me to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. One of these influential people was my high school chemistry teacher, and the other influential person was my father. Mrs. Cohlmia, my high school chemistry teacher, pushed me to stew on concepts individually before asking others for help. Although complying with her wish was challenging (and annoying!) in the beginning, I started to realize the magnitude of my analytical abilities. From that realization, I grew a love for problem solving. My father, as an engineer by training, served as more of a role model for me. That, and while driving through Texas on the way to his hometown, he would underline the fact that "you need to major in mechanical engineering" in response to my question wondering "what do I need to study in order to work with wind turbines?"

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Donor Spotlight: KLA-Tencor

In today’s Donor Spotlight, Girlstart says thank you to another of our wonderful donors, KLA-Tencor. KLA-Tencor has supported Girlstart’s programs since 2011, and they are strong advocates of STEM education for girls. KLA-Tencor supports Girlstart After School, where girls learn about STEM careers like engineering. We asked KLA-Tencor why they chose to help us teach more girls about the importance of STEM, and what advice they would give girls who are interested in STEM subjects.






 KLA-Tencor and Girlstart: Nurturing the Next Generation of Women in STEM

By Lena Niccolades, ‎Vice President and General Manager at KLA-Tencor

Women make up 51 percent of the U.S. population and 47 percent of the workforce, yet only 4 percent are CEOs and 17 percent board members, according to recent research. Statistics like this are even more pronounced when you look at the science and technology industries. In 2010, for example, women received 57 percent of all undergraduate degrees, but represented only 18 percent of all computer and information sciences undergraduate degrees.

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WeatherFest 2014

Thank you to everyone that braved the rainy weather to come to WeatherFest 2014 this past weekend! Families discovered the exciting and sometimes scary world of Mother Nature at the Bullock Texas State History Museum.

Forecasting the Weather

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Fossil Detectives

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Lights Out

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National Geographic


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