Dream Big

What better way to start the New Year than by thinking about your goals and dreams! When coming up with dreams and goals, we not only need to think big, but also think about the steps it will take to get there. Explore the exciting possibilities of your future as you make a puzzle to piece together your goals and dreams. Then, write a letter to yourself to remember your goals and dreams later on!

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National Baking Soda Day

Lava Flow

Have a blast exploring volcanic eruptions! Create your own volcano and watch the 'lava' flow. Try this experiment several times and change variables to see if you can get different results.

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Jumping Jack Bee

Explore the physical characteristics of a bee, dragonfly, or butterfly as you engineer a simple machine to make your insect’s wings move up and down as if it were flying.

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Download and print your bug template here:

*Activity courtesy of Handmade Charlotte

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DeSTEMber Materials List

Activities for the week of December 29th-31st 2014

Here are the materials for the final week of deSTEMber:

12.29 - Jumping Jack Bugs
12.30 - Lava Flow
12.31 - Dream Big

12.29 - Jumping Jack Bugs
Printable jumping jack bug template (download here:
Cereal box
Toilet paper roll
Yarn needle
Strong thread or string
Paint & brush (markers will work too)


12.30 - Lava Flow
1 sheet of copy paper
Baking soda
Crayons or markers
Dish soap
Flat tray or pan
Red and yellow food coloring
Vitamin jar or container of similar size


12.31 - Dream Big
Puzzle template (can be printed from activity template)
Paint pens/sharpies/markers/crayons
Paper (cardstock or colored construction paper is best)

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