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After School 'To Go' Week 7

Biomass: Biofuels

Now that the girls are aware that nonrenewable resources cannot be used again, their task was to come up with an alternative resource for energy. Biofuel engineers figure out ways to use animal and plant wastes as fuels. Students mixed warm water, yeast, and sugar in a bottled water as they watched the balloon expand. 

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After School Week 7

Engineering the Earth: Exploring the Effects of Oil Spills

Can you recall the last oil spill? The impact can be severe, but with the help of environmental scientists many animals can be saved. Students observed a clean feather and then the feather dipped in vegetable oil with cocoa powder. The girls used Dawn dishwashing liquid and water to clean the oil away from the feather. One girl said, “I took a lot to wash it off.” Imagine a washing a whole bird!

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After School 'To Go' Week 6

Landfills: Where Does Your Trash Go?

Can you imagine how much trash we throw away each year? TONS! The girls took initiative in creating landfills in the most effective way possible to decrease the impact on the environment. The girls were able to create a landfill model and watch how erosion can lead runoff into towns.

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After School Week 6

Engineering the Earth: Exploring Water Pollution

Water is essential for sustaining life, but it can be hazardous if the water is polluted. Environmental engineers try to make drinking water safe for people and that is exactly what the girls experimented with in this lesson. 

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