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After School Week 6

Exploring with Friction

This week the girls learned about force, gravity, friction and speed through the career of
aerospace engineers. The students started off by taking turns and opening a jar with bare
hands and then with lotion. When they were asked to explain the purpose of the ridges on the
lid, a student described friction as, “It is something that helps you stop.”

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After School 'To Go' Weeks 3 and 4

Week 3

How do different types of black ink react when absorbed by water? Girlstart girls recently explored chromatography-the process of ink dissolving into paper- by marking coffee filters with different types of black markers and putting them in contact with water.  They observed that as each marker came into contact with the water, the pigments that made up the black color dissolved into the filter. Some pigments continued to move with the water as it was absorbed by the filter, while others did not. This occurs because some pigments are more soluble, or dissolve better, and move quickly, while less water-soluble pigments move slowly.

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After School Week 5

Parallel Circuits

In continuation of last week, the girls reviewed complete circuits with the inclusion of a hand made light switch. They discussed that a series circuit with atleast two light bulbs need the electric current to go through all components at one time. The girls brainstormed on how they can light up two bright light bulbs at the same time by drawing diagrams.

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After School Week 4

Conductor and Insulator

What career involves working with power plants, computers, and other electrical
devices? Electrical Engineers of course! This week the girls had to work together in
groups and complete an electrical circuit in order to get a light bulb to turn on. Their
main source of power was a 9V Battery along with alligator clips. They tested various
objects such as a penny, a nail, a pencil, a strip of aluminum foil, a large craft stick, a
rubber band, a cotton ball, a pipe cleaner, and a plastic spoon.

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