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Teacher Appreciation Week

Girlstart Loves Our Coordinators!

Did you know this week is Teacher Appreciation Week? The only way Girlstart successfully serves 45
After School programs across Texas is by working with 47 amazing Campus Coordinators. They are
teachers, counselors, after school site coordinators, and school faculty that dedicate time to collecting
registration forms, securing space for our girls to meet in, staying late for dismissal and communicating
with the girls on a daily basis. We are truly lucky to have such supportive Campus Coordinators partner
with us and owe them a HUGE thank you for another fantastic year!

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After School 'To Go' Week 10

Career Review and Goal Making

With the semester quickly coming to an end, Girlstart wanted to remind our After School
participants of all the interesting activities and STEM-related careers they learned about
this semester. They split into teams and put their knowledge to the test playing a review
game over the last nine weeks. Questions covered all of the careers from the semester,
different types of energy, renewable vs. nonrenewable resources, and challenged girls to
give examples of what they had learned.

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After School Week 11

Showcase Week!

Another semester of Girlstart After School has come to an end! After ten weeks full of hands-on STEM
fun, we take the last week to share it with our friends, family, and teachers. During the last week of
Girlstart each semester, girls break into groups to set up an activity that they did during the semester.
They make a short poster describing the steps of the activity, what they learned, why they like it, and
what career it connects to.

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After School Week 10

Careers and Goals

Girlstart is winding down our After School programs for the semester. With only one week left, we give
the girls a chance to think about all the fun activities they’ve done- which ones were their favorites and
how those skills may help them in the future.

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