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Youens Elementary Showcase

After School Week 12

All good things must come to an end, but at Girlstart After School at Youens Elementary, we're ending the semester with a great big showcase party! Students recreated their favorite activities of the semester, then showed them off to their parents, school adminstrators, and our Deputy Director, Julie Shannan! The STEM skills and careers they learned are sure to follow them wherever they go next in life. When we say GIRL, you say START!

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After School 'to Go' Spring 2016: Week 11

Girlstart: Shoot for the Stars

This week at Girlstart, our girls reflected on the knowledge they gained from this semester. Groups reviewed the various careers that they had learned about - landfill and pipeline engineers, soil scientists, and more! The students then wrote a letter to their future selves. It was exciting to hear girls discuss the wide variety of interesting, challenging, and exciting careers which they envisioned attaining in the future. In their letters, girls included steps they need to take and how they would know when they have reached their goal.

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After School Spring 2016: Week 11

Girlstart Clipboards

Did you know that only 2% of people write down their goals? At Girlstart, we’re all about cultivating an environment where girls can stand out, find their strengths, and discover new ideas! As the semester winds down, Girlstart students are looking to the future. This week, girls reviewed the semester together and created career clipboards.

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After School 'to Go' Spring 2016: Week 10

Impact of Pipelines on Ecosystems

This week at After School To-Go, students learned about human impacts on local ecosystems. After reviewing some vocabulary, girls discussed the Civil Engineer career. Not only do civil engineers plan and design buildings, they also evaluate their designs for feasibility and environmental impact! Girls tried transporting buckets of “oil” across the room, then evaluated the efficiency of their system. Everyone decided that building a machine would make the job easier, then got right to designing their prototypes for a low-impact pipeline!

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