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After School 'To Go' Week 9

Ecosystem Survival

What would happen if we remove an organism from a food chain? The girls found an answer as ecologists! They created a food chain and discussed the effects of removing an organism or energy source. 

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After School Week 9

Exploring Wind Energy

What are other ways we can use natural resources to create energy? Wind energy engineers work with wind farms to create energy while also trying to have less impact on the environment. The girls were able to design wind turbines and attach it to a toy car.

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After School 'To Go' Week 8

Wind at Work

Wind turbines can create energy, but can they also lift a load? The girls created a wind turbine system with a skewer, straw, cork, two foam squares, and tape. They used a cup as weight for the turbine to pick up.

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After School Week 8

Engineering the Earth: Exploring Hydroelectric Energy

Let’s create energy with renewable resources! This week the girls created water wheels just like Water Resource Engineers to see how hydroelectric power is created. The students used a foil circle and cut wedges into 4 or 8 blades then stuck a pencil through the middle. They placed it under running water and analyzed the hydropower in trials. 

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