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After School 'to Go' Fall 2016: Week 1

Pop Fly!

For the first week of After School To-Go, students designed catapults and started the year off with a pop! Students were excited to get the ping pong balls flying. Before brainstorming their catapult designs, girls talked about their expectations and excitement for the new semester of Girlstart. Students went over the Engineering Design Process - a set of never-ending, always-improving steps that include asking questions, brainstorming and researching the possibilities, building a prototype, testing the design, and revising.

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After School Fall 2016: Week 1

Up, up, and away!

Girlstart After School launched a new school year with a fun and creative engineering project: Paper Rockets! Before building their rockets, girls discussed their expectations and hopes for the new semester. Groups reviewed the Engineering Design Process - this is the foundation of each girl’s growth at Girlstart! What does the Engineering Design Process look like?

I. Ask a question
II. Brainstorm ideas or conduct research
III. Build a prototype
IV. Test and revise

At Girlstart, each girl is encouraged to share her ideas - no idea is too “crazy” because it could inspire another idea! After girls share their ideas, they work together to turn their plans into reality, test their design, and improve it. Finally, students are reminded that the design process is cyclical. One question girls often ask each other: “How can we make this even more awesome?!”

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After School 2015-16

It was our biggest year yet! We reached over 1,400 girls across 18 districts and 55 schools during the 2015-16 After School year! 

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After School 'to Go' Spring 2016: Week 12

Showcase Week

For their last week at Girlstart, our To-Go clubs put on a showcase for parents, family, and friends! The girls got the chance to show off their skills and recreate a few of their favorite activities from the semester. Check out a collage of the pictures, featured below! 

Although it’s bittersweet to wave goodbye to many of our students, we at Girlstart are excited to see them change the world! Our girls are sure to carry their STEM skills with them to middle school and beyond!

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