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After School 'To Go' Week 11


The semester is over, but not without a final show! The girls gathered into 5 groups for the canyon formation, landslides, fossils, landfills, and biomass lessons. The girls got creative and turned into teachers for the day.

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After School Week 11


It’s showcase time! The girls invited their family and teachers to see the experiments they learned about this semester.

The students split into groups and demonstrated some lessons such as sand dunes, water pollution and oil spills, hydroelectricity with water turbines, and wind energy with wind-powered cars. 

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After School 'To Go' Week 10

Girlstart Clipboards

The after school ‘to go’ clubs are coming to an end, but there is still so much more to look ahead. The girls decorated clipboards with their dreams and goals. They also tied ribbons on the clipboards to represent their educational timeline. 

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After School Week 10

Girlstart Shoot For the Stars

It’s time to reflect and plan! The girls discussed the careers they learned about this semester and wrote a letter to themselves in the future about the goals they hope to achieve. 

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