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After School Houston Fall 2016 Summary

This past fall semester, Girlstart After School Houston clubs enjoyed an incredibly fun and exciting curriculum. Read on to see a few highlights of Fall 2016! 

Pop-Fly: Building Catapults

For this activity, students constructed catapults out of materials such as paper cups and popsicle sticks. Cotton balls were loaded into the catapults and launched, and girls evaluated the height, speed, and direction of the cotton ball’s flight. 


Forensic Scientists: Investigating Solubility

Girls conducted experiments to test the effects of water on different types of markers. Students discovered that not all black markers dissolve in the same manner. Girls used this knowledge to determine the source of notes written in different black markers and write each other messages!


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After School 'to Go' Fall 2016: Week 10


At After School To-Go, students used their last week of club to showcase the most exciting activities of the semester. Groups chose their favorite experiments and designs, then recreated each activity.


Once they completed their recreations, teachers, parents and guardians, and friends walked around the tables. Guests were given a brief explanation of the design, the important concepts and ideas, and demonstrations.

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After School Fall 2016: Week 10

Showcase Week

This is the week we’ve been waiting for - Showcase Week! For After School’s final club of this fall semester, students brought back some of their favorite activities. Small groups shared their projects with proud parents, guardians, teachers, and friends!

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After School 'to Go' Fall 2016: Week 9

Bead to Achieve

This week at After School To-Go, students took time to reflect on the semester and plan for the future. Girls created colorful keychains - a physical representation of their hopes and dreams at all stages of life.

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