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After School Fall 2016: Week 5

Circuit Bugs

For this week's activity, girls continued to review concepts that are important to the Electrical Engineering career! Students reviewed basic circuitry vocabulary, such as "closed and open circuits", "currents", and "energy transfer". Then it was time to construct the circuit bugs!

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After School 'to Go' Fall 2016: Week 4

Liquid Circuits

During Week 4 of After School To-Go, students combined liquids and electricity and to bring a little light to the Electrical Engineer career. This activity should always be conducted with adult supervision! Girls investigated electrical currents to find a solution to the global problem of water access. First, students built closed circuits to light a bulb. Certain materials, like a paperclip and an eraser, were tested for conductivity.

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After School Fall 2016: Week 4

Shine bright!

At Week 4 of Girlstart After School, girls created their very own greeting card with a special twist - lights! Before lighting up their bright day, the girls learned new concepts such as conductor, complete circuit, closed circuit, energy transfer, insulator, and matter. Students would discover the terms throughout the activity.

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After School 'to Go' Fall 2016: Week 3

Investigating Solubility

Forensic scientists analyze samples used as evidence during an investigation. This week at After School To-Go, students used a similar method to figure out the source of a note, which was written in black marker. Before conducting their analysis, girls reviewed concepts like solubility, solvents, solutes, and mixtures.

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