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Hands-On Wednesday

Jellyfish in a Bottle

Have you ever wanted to catch a jellyfish but were afraid of getting stung? Check out this cool experiment to create your own jellyfish in a bottle!



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Toy Shop Mystery

Solving Mysteries with Science

Our junior campers have been working as forensic scientists at camp. With a new case to solve each day, they have been using their detective and engineering skills to help the toy shop.

The girls used hair samples to solve one mystery!  They analyzed the structures of hair in a similar way to trichologists, scientists who study human hair. They used their knowledge about the different parts of the hair to match the evidence with the culprit.

Campers also used their problem solving skills to figure out who committed a crime. A soil sample from the tire treads at the crime scene was tested for pH to compare to four different soil samples taken from various locations. This helped them know the location of the criminal’s car.

During the week, someone broke into the toy shop and mixed together all the toy materials! The girls created a chute that will efficiently sort out different materials from the spill based on size. All of the chutes were tested to determine which chute was the most efficient.

Throughout the week, campers were introduced to the Chokomacar and the different parts that make it move. They worked in pairs to create a game on a poster board so that their Chokomacar followed either a continuous or start to finish pattern. 

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Volunteer Spotlight: TE Connectivity

In June, Adrien of TE Connectivity visited Girlstart Summer Camp 'to go' in Sunnyvale, California, to talk to the campers about her career in engineering as Senior Manager of Business Systems. We recently caught up with her to learn more about what inspired her to pursue an engineering career.  

Girlstart: What inspired you to work in engineering? 

Adrien: I think two things really.  First my father really encouraged my math learning.  Second, I like a challenge.  I find engineering, science and math both challenging and interesting.  As a kid, I was always wondering 'how do things work?'.  Ultimately my career path and options transitioned me to a technology based career.  A lot of what I learned as engineer really prepared me for other career options as well. I consider my engineering background to be my secret weapon. 


Hands-On Wednesday


Have you ever wondered how helicopters fly? Check out this experiment to understand some of the aerodynamics of helicopters!


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