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Hands-On Wednesday

DIY Bubble Wands

This weeks Hands-on Wednesday is brought to you by summer camp volunteers Shinjini, Amisha, Sameera, and Zada.  
Tired of plastic, store-bought bubble wands? Try making your own in this fun experiment with everyday chemistry. 
Bubbles work on the principle of molecules with hydrophobic tails and hydrophilic heads. Hydrophobic means that the tail will want to point away from water. Hydrophilic means that the heads will want to stick to water. In every bubble, the soap solution forms two layers, with the water in the middle- shaping the water into a sphere. As you do this experiment, try playing with different wires and bubble solutions. The one we used takes sugar, but there are other varieties with glycerin- and more!

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Huge Thank You!

We greatly appreciate our summer team!

Girlstart's summer camps would not be possible without our amazing, unique and talented summer team! These young ladies dedicate over 9 weeks of their summer to provide meaningful, fun and positive experiences to our campers. Thank you for an incredible summer!

Summer 2013 Staff

Painting Picture Frames

We hope our campers have lots of favorite memories from this summer and here are our summer team's favorite moments.

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Girlstart Summer Camp 'to Go'

Duck University of Taylor ISD, Texas

Taylor Group

Girlstart and Duck University have partnered the past several school years to provide After School and Public STEM programming to the district. This summer was our first camp experience and we truly enjoyed our week! Girlstart's Taylor Summer Camp was made possible through the generosity of the Alcoa Foundation. Look out for an upcoming blog post about the Alcoa Foundation's work with Girlstart!

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Donor Spotlight

Topfer Family Foundation

Girlstart's STEM programs are only possible because of the support of our generous community of corporate, foundation, government, and individual donors. Today, we are highlighting a very special organization that has helped Girlstart bring our STEM education programs to the Austin community since 2002: the Topfer Family Foundation.

About the Topfer Family Foundation:

In 2000, Mort and Angela Topfer created a private foundation with the goal of positively impacting the lives of their neighbors while establishing a legacy of giving in their own family. The Topfers, along with their children, formed the foundation with a single shared philosophy: that by inspiring self-sufficiency- particularly in individuals with limited economic or social resources - they could leave an imprint on their communities that would benefit current and future generations.This became the cornerstone of the foundation's mission: to help people connect to the tools and resources they need to build self-sufficient and fulfilling lives.


Girlstart: What drove the Topfer Family Foundation to invest in STEM education for girls? 

TFF: Girlstart was identified early on in the Foundation’s existence as an organization providing programs for girls that fit well in our Youth Enrichment focus area. The organization leadership is strong and the programs we have supported are well run and effective with proven and measurable results. Since 2002 TFF has granted $151,500 to Girstart.

Girlstart: What message would you tell girls who are thinking about studying STEM subjects or pursuing STEM careers?

TFF: There are a wide array of careers in the STEM fields, and they are some of the best-paying jobs with the greatest potential for job growth. Today, many traditionally male-dominated STEM fields are actively recruiting women. Girlstart offers opportunities to explore and enhance your personal strengths and interests in these areas early-on in life. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to!

Thank You, Topfer Family Foundation!

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