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Hands-On Wednesday

Popsicle Stick Chain Reaction

This weeks Hands-on Wednesday is brought to you by summer camp volunteers Evelyn, Sarah, and Deidre.  

Popsicle sticks are great for eating your favorite ice cream or even building a picture frame. Did you know they can demonstrate potential and kinetic energy?  Check out this experiment by weaving popsicle sticks together. Click continue ready to see what happens when you let go. 


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Summer Camp 2013

Thank you July Volunteers!

During the month of July, Girlstart had 2 new themes and 4 more weeks of summer camp. Each week a group of high school volunteers come and help make camp a huge success.  A few of our volunteers this summer were previous campers themselves and are now part of GAB.  


These ladies do everything from entering surveys, taking pictures of campers, setting up for lunch and snack, to leading games with campers.  Stay tuned this fall for Hands on Wednesday brought to you by our awesome volunteers this summer. Thank you ladies for all your hard work! 

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Hands-On Wednesday

DIY Bubble Wands

This weeks Hands-on Wednesday is brought to you by summer camp volunteers Shinjini, Amisha, Sameera, and Zada.  
Tired of plastic, store-bought bubble wands? Try making your own in this fun experiment with everyday chemistry. 
Bubbles work on the principle of molecules with hydrophobic tails and hydrophilic heads. Hydrophobic means that the tail will want to point away from water. Hydrophilic means that the heads will want to stick to water. In every bubble, the soap solution forms two layers, with the water in the middle- shaping the water into a sphere. As you do this experiment, try playing with different wires and bubble solutions. The one we used takes sugar, but there are other varieties with glycerin- and more!

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Huge Thank You!

We greatly appreciate our summer team!

Girlstart's summer camps would not be possible without our amazing, unique and talented summer team! These young ladies dedicate over 9 weeks of their summer to provide meaningful, fun and positive experiences to our campers. Thank you for an incredible summer!

Summer 2013 Staff

Painting Picture Frames

We hope our campers have lots of favorite memories from this summer and here are our summer team's favorite moments.

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