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DNA Sequence Bracelet

Create a colorful bracelet to discover the unique DNA sequence of a butterfly, chimpanzee, trout, or human. Learn about complementary base pairing, the genetic process that allows us to inherit traits, like hair color, freckles, or even if you can roll your tongue, from one generation to another.

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Pick out an organism's DNA sequence to replicate here:

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Plastic Rescue

Earth’s oceans are home to billions of animals and plants, but millions of tons (1 ton = 2,000 pounds) of plastics pollute our oceans today. Learn about different physical properties of plastics and design a device that collects plastics and removes trash to help save animals and plants in the ocean!

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Bouncing Ball Activity

Does a basketball bounce more than a baseball? Or does a soccer ball bounce more than a volleyball? Explore the difference in bounciness of several sports balls and use what you learn to engineer your own super bouncy ball out of a balloon!

Start the Bouncing Balloons activity by clicking here:*9jJ4T0oj7o*a2Rlpt7a/balloons.pdf


*Girlstart has no affiliation with SciGirls, we just think this a great activity to introduce girls to sports engineering.

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Paper Plants

Create a special holiday card from recycled paper that can also grow beautiful flowers. Many recycled items like paper, cans, bottles, cardboard, etc. can be made into new products. Recycling helps the environment by saving the earth’s natural resources and reducing pollution. 

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