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Animal World

Week 1 Recap

Girlstart's first week of camp was filled with adventurous, animal-loving campers. Girls researched animal facts to create a 3D habitat to design their own Girlstart Zoo, investigated how animals use bioluminescence for their survival, and tons more. We are looking forward to two more weeks of animal adventures. 


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Meet the Summer Team

Summer 2014 STEM CREW

Girlstart's first week of summer camp is wrapping up and our camps would not be possible without the talents and enthusiasm of our STEM CREW (Creative, Resourceful, Empowered Women) summer team! These young ladies make each day fun and unique for our campers.

STEM Crew Team

Front Row (L to R): Rachel, Grace, Morgan, Alaina, Abby
Back Row (L to R): Bonnie-Claire, Katelyn, Kayla, Caitlin, Gaby

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Hands-On Wednesday

Avalanche Rescue

Snow rarely falls in Austin, Texas and when it does everything shuts down and we all enjoy a fabulous snow day! As southerners it is hard to understand how individuals go to school, work, or even outside when it is so cold outside however those locations are well prepared for severe weather situations. Girlstart’s Ice Age Summer Camp is around the corner and we will explore several extreme weather scenarios including an avalanche. Check out this Hands-On Wednesday Ice Age Sneak Peek.

Avalanche Rescue

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Meet a STEM Crew Counselor

Welcome to the Summer Team, Kayla!

Major: Computer Science

College: Southwestern University

What do you want to do when you graduate? I don't know! There are so many cool professions out there I can't decide!

What are you excited about for this summer? I'm excited to meet all the campers and to teach them more about technology!

What is one of your favorite summer memories from when you were a kid? My favorite summer memories were going to the beach in Florida. My sister, my cousins, and I would spend all day building sand castles and swimming.

Favorite Sonic drink:
Strawberry Slush

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