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Moody Gardens

DeSTEMber Video

Join the team at Moody Gardens for a behind the scenes peek at the giant river otters’ exhibit.  Not only will you learn about these exciting animals, you will also have a chance to see how we care for them, from cleaning and feeding to enrichment, there’s never a dull moment!

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DeSTEMber Video

SciGirls is an Emmy-award winning PBS kids television series that features groups of girls engaged in authentic, inquiry-based science and engineering projects around the country. Join ScGirls as they explore nanotechnology by creating iridescent art. Gather your materials to design your own iridescent art.

Materials needed:
Black construction paper
Clear nail polish
Eye dropper
Small pan

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Electric Pinball

Activity from Design Squad

Have you ever played a Pinball game at the arcade? Use your kick stick from December 19th to create your own version of the popular game with a Ping Pong ball. Design a buzzer to sound when you hit your target!

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Tech Tuesday

Google SketchUp Challenge

Welcome to Tech Tuesday! One of the many technologies Girlstart empowers our girls to use is Google SketchUp. From architects to engineers, many careers use this software to create models and prototypes. Explore the basic tools within Google SketchUp and create your own 3D virtual masterpiece.

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