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Survival skills 101

Over the last several weeks, girls created 3D inspirational pins using Google SketchUp, explored solar cooking, engineered a sturdy shelter, tasted edible plants, programmed an Android App, and more!

Slingshots Girlstart slingshots

The girls engineered their own slingshots using a wire coat hanger, fabric, and rubber bands.  To help understand the physics involved, the girls dipped a cotton ball in paint to learn the difference between accuracy and precision.

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Hands On Wednesday

Homemade Ice Cream

In the middle of the summer it gets extremely hot and ice cream is always a good way to cool down! Try out this cool science experiment and make your own ice cream!

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Girlstart Summer Camp 'to Go'

Hays CISD, Texas

Pfluger Elementary Group Hemphill Elementary Group

Girlstart had the opportunity to host our Under the Sea summer camp at our two Hays CISD after school locations; Hemphill and Pfluger Elementary. During the last two weeks of June, girls studied marine biology, explored the electromagnetic spectrum, discovered ways to clean up an oil spill, engineered protective coverings  for turtle eggs, dissected starfish, programmed their own computer game and more!

Hemphill received a special visit from the Austin American Statesmen. Check out the article!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Monster Mallows

What do you think happens to a marshmallow in a microwave? Try out this experiment and see how the marshmallow changes!


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