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The Franklin Institute

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The Franklin Institute, one of the oldest science museums in the US, will provide a unique and fun "Science of Fireworks" presentation all the way from Philadelphia, PA. Uncover the chemistry of pyrotechnic explosions and learn what gives your holiday fireworks their colors, sparkles and whistles.

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Spinning Arm

Activity from Design Squad

What can you create with a Ping Pong ball, 3 volt motor, wires, battery and paint stirrers? A motorized arm--kicking stick--to hit the Ping Pong ball across the floor!

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Rockin' Roller Coasters

Spins, loops and drops! Roller coasters take us on crazy rides with high speeds and big adrenaline rushes! What causes them to travel so fast and who is in charge of designing them? Create your own roller coaster to discover the different types of energy they use and what is involved in getting people from start to finish safely.

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Wonderopolis®, brought to you by the National Center for Families Learning

Google+ Hangout

Check out our Hangout on Air with Wonderopolis®!


Wonderopolis® is a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. Wonderopolis® will give a brief overview, followed by exploration of one or more gravity-themed Wonders of the Day®.  Join Wonderopolis® as they demonstrate experiments inspired by Wonders of the Day® leading up to the creation of a simple Rube Goldberg machine today at 10:00am CST. Click here to watch live.

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