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After School 'To Go' Week 7

Exploring the Effects of Oil Spills

Back in 2010, the largest accidental marine oil spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico causing
immediate and long-term impacts on wildlife and habitats.

Girlstart’s After School girls observed images of the effects of this oil spill and experienced
how Environmental Scientists clean and rehabilitate animals that have been affected by oil
spills. They did this by stepping through the process of cleaning a feather covered in oil.

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After School Week 7


Biofuel engineers work to find uses for fuels derived from plant materials and animal
waste. They design tools and processes to generate biofuel, such as ethanol and biodiesel.
These biofuels power cars, heat our homes, and generate electricity using renewable

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National Women's History Month

Women in Earth & Space Science

Name: Kathleen Bennallack 
Company: University of California, San Diego
Title: Ph. D Student (Archaeology)


Was there a person in your life that encouraged you in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and/or to enter your specific field? If so, please tell us a little bit about how she/he encouraged you:  

Kathleen: I can’t think of one person in particular, but I did have a high school teacher who made  me really like chemistry.  Since I liked chemistry, my dad really wanted me to be a  pharmacist, which I didn’t end up doing, but I do still do a lot of chemistry in my job.   When I decided I wanted to do archaeology, I didn’t know how to do it, I wasn’t sure  I had enough experience, and I was worried about leaving my regular office job.  I brought it up to my friend’s dad at her law school graduation, and he said, “Don’t worry  – I quit being a nuclear engineer to be a professor, and then I quit being a professor to  be a lawyer.  I wasn’t equally successful at all of them, but it was what I wanted to do,  and it made my life better.  You’re not getting any younger or happier, but one of those  you can control.”  So, not specifically about STEM, but about not letting fear (of failure,  of the unknown, of insecurity…) get in the way of what you know you want to do.  Your  path may be surprising, but you should never make your decisions out of fear.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Stuck like Glue

Have you ever wondered how air pressure works? Explore how air movement can create a vacuum between a jar and plate so its “stuck like glue." You can also impress your friends with this cool properties of adhesion trick!

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