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After School Week 5

Parallel Circuits

In continuation of last week, the girls reviewed complete circuits with the inclusion of a hand made light switch. They discussed that a series circuit with atleast two light bulbs need the electric current to go through all components at one time. The girls brainstormed on how they can light up two bright light bulbs at the same time by drawing diagrams.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Solar Eclipse

The moon phases are caused by the moon's orbit around Earth. Every 29.5 days the moon goes through all of it's phases, and from Earth the moon appears to change shape and size in the night sky. The New Moon phase appears completely dark to us, because the moon is between the Sun and Earth. This means all the sunlight is lighting up the side facing away from us. Sometimes, when the alignment of the Sun, Earth, and moon is just right, the moon blocks out part of the Sun! This is called a solar eclipse, and can be a total eclipse or a partial eclipse.

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After School Week 4

Conductor and Insulator

What career involves working with power plants, computers, and other electrical
devices? Electrical Engineers of course! This week the girls had to work together in
groups and complete an electrical circuit in order to get a light bulb to turn on. Their
main source of power was a 9V Battery along with alligator clips. They tested various
objects such as a penny, a nail, a pencil, a strip of aluminum foil, a large craft stick, a
rubber band, a cotton ball, a pipe cleaner, and a plastic spoon.

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After School 'To Go' Weeks 1 and 2

Week 1

What are levers? Well, levers make work easier by converting a small amount of effort into a lot of force
or by converting a little movement into a large movement. And who doesn't want to get more done with
less effort? Hammers, brooms, golf clubs, and baseball bats are just some examples of levers but if you
think about it they’re all around us.

For this activity, the girls learned about levers and were challenged to create their own. They worked
through the engineering design process to build a catapult that would launch a ping pong ball high
enough for someone else to catch it.

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