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It’s the beginning of the school year...hooray!

I don’t know about you, but I love back to school. Routine is back. Structure is back. But I worry, in my quest to have everything organized, I forget about the process that is taking place in my child’s life. Even as I struggle to get back to the menial aspects of meal planning and putting together lunches that will get eaten (I swear that I’m going to get ahead of lunchbox malaise, one of these days), important changes are taking place and I’ve got to kick myself to pay attention to them.


Donor Spotlight: Time Warner Cable

This week, Girlstart wants to say thank you to one of our amazing sponsors: Time Warner Cable. Time Warner Cable and its many employee volunteers have been strong supporters of Girlstart since 2010. They have helped us build our After School program, which is reaching more than 1,000 girls across Texas this fall!

Time Warner Cable volunteers help teach STEM at Girlstart’s Starry Nights.


Georgetown Extravaganza

Maker Day @ the Georgetown Library

Join Girlstart at the Georgetown Library on September 20, 2014 from 2:00-4:00pm for free Maker Day fun. The entire family is welcome to enjoy launching catapults, racing spools, creating your own kites and more! No registration required.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Paper Kites

Most of us have flown a kite before, but have you ever wondered how a kite works? In this activity, you can build your very own kite out of paper and explore how the force of lift can counteract drag and allow your kite to fly through the air!

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