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After School Week 8

Weathering of Earth Materials

As we look around our environment, we can often times see how it has changed throughout history. So what causes change on earth? The girls focused on weathering this week through the career of environmental engineering. Their specific task was to analyze erosion in jars through the weathering of mini-wheats.

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After School 'To Go' Weeks 5 and 6

Week 5

--. .. .-. .-.. ... - .- .-. –

Can you guess what the dashes and dots above represent? ……They say Girlstart in Morse Code!
This week Girlstart girls continued to work as electrical engineers and used their knowledge in circuits to
create a telegraph using a buzzer and a switch. Then they used their telegraphs to send and receive
secret messages using the International Morse Code.

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After School Week 7

Oreo Moon Phases

This week the girls learned about the phases of the moon! Students were able to explore
the phases through the career of Astronomy. The girls described Astronomers as, “people
who go to space and study stars.” They girls also learned how the forces of gravity play
into rotation. Three girls represented the sun, earth, and moon as they demonstrated how
they rotate.

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After School Week 6

Exploring with Friction

This week the girls learned about force, gravity, friction and speed through the career of
aerospace engineers. The students started off by taking turns and opening a jar with bare
hands and then with lotion. When they were asked to explain the purpose of the ridges on the
lid, a student described friction as, “It is something that helps you stop.”

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