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After School Week 2

Density Shapes

Things are building up in week two of Girlstart’s After School programs. The girls started off
guessing what foil objects would float depending on density and buoyancy. They studied a
regular coke can and a diet coke can, and concluded that, “The regular coke does not float
because it has more sugar.”

Density Shapes

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Thank you Round Rock ISD

Voigt Elementary

More than 20 fourth and fifth-grade girls are putting in extra hours to learn science in an all-girl after school program at Voigt Elementary, which aimed at boosting confidence and empowering them to pursue science careers.

Girlstart, an Austin-based organization striving to teach girls science, technology, engineering and math, hosts after school programs at Voigt, Caraway and Wells Branch elementary schools within Round Rock ISD during 10 one-hour sessions each semester.

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After School Week 1


What does it take to build a parachute? A girl with STEM knowledge for sure! This
week, Girlstart’s After School girls learned how to incorporate the engineering design
process through building an effective coffee filter parachute. They identified the problem
and asked a question, brainstormed solutions, built a prototype in pairs, and finally tested
and revised their parachute.

Parachute Engineers

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September Parent Blog

It’s the beginning of the school year...hooray!

I don’t know about you, but I love back to school. Routine is back. Structure is back. But I worry, in my quest to have everything organized, I forget about the process that is taking place in my child’s life. Even as I struggle to get back to the menial aspects of meal planning and putting together lunches that will get eaten (I swear that I’m going to get ahead of lunchbox malaise, one of these days), important changes are taking place and I’ve got to kick myself to pay attention to them.

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