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Hands-On Wednesday

Soda Explosion

Have you ever opened a soda and it bubbles? That's because of carbon dioxide gas.  When you add mints, a chemical reaction occurs with the carbonation causing a soda explosion!

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SUNday Funday Extravaganza

May 4th from noon-3:00pm

Girlstart is participating in the Bullock Texas State History Museum Free First Sunday featuring Sun Science. Come join the SUNday Funday Extravaganza Sunday, May 4th from noon-3:00pm. Hands-on activities the entire family will enjoy!

Layers of the Sun
View the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Create your own Earth & Moon Rotation Model
Design a Fruit Loop Rainbow
And More!

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Happy Earth Day

Plastic Rescue Mission

Plastic Rescue Mission

On April 12th, Girlstart hosted our ninth annual Girls In STEM Conference. Over 430 girls engineered a prototype to help clean up the millions of tons of plastic from our oceans. Join in on Earth Day to design your own plastic rescue device! Download the activity here.

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After School 'To Go' Week 9

Exploring Human Impact on Ecosystems

Civil Engineers plan, design, construct and maintain structures such as buildings, roads, bridges, dams,
tunnels, and pipelines. Civil engineers analyze how building the structures will affect the environment.

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