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Snowstorm in a Jar

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New Englanders will be digging themselves out of snow for a while after the recent storm that hit the north however in the south we very rarely get snow. However with a jar, a little baby oil, white paint, water and Alka Seltzer you can make your own “Snowstorm in a Bottle”. Gather your materials and watch how the chemical reaction creates the storm.

Snowstorm materials

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Hands-On Wednesday

Musical Straws

Straws aren't only for drinking. With just a pair of scissors, you can turn a drinking straw into a musical instrument! When you cut the straw, it forms a double reed and creates a vibration that makes a sound like an oboe. Then try cutting your musical straw to different lengths to change the pitch.

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Donor Spotlight: FlowPlay

Today we are saying a special thank you to an amazing new donor, FlowPlay, Inc. This holiday season, Seattle-based gaming company FlowPlay ran a promotion that raised money to fund Girlstart’s Summer Camp in Bellevue, Washington, this summer! Their donation is making this week of Camp possible, and helping Girlstart bring great STEM programming to more girls in 2015!


Hands-On Wednesday

Straw Hoop Glider

Do you love making paper airplanes? This glider may not look like a plane, but with just a drinking straw and an index card you can make your own hoop glider fly across the room. Then make a paper airplane and test which one flies farther!

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