By the Numbers

Girlstart After School 2015 reached 1,441 girls across 54 programs.
Girlstart Summer Camps 2015 reached 719 girls with 47% participating at no cost through scholarships.
Girls in STEM 2015 reached 532 girls with 33% participating at no cost through scholarships.
Teacher Professional Development 2015 reached 1,727 educators.
Public STEM Programming 2015 reached 19,642 community members through 66 community STEM events.

Girlstart's programs reached 23,172 
girls, educators, and community members, 97% of whom participated at no cost.

15.1% of Texas high school girls are interested in a STEM career?
18% of computer science degrees were earned by women?
0% growth in women's share of the STEM workforce since 2000?
2:1 STEM job postings to unemployed STEM professionals?
24% of STEM jobs are held by women?
6X likelihood a man has taken an engineering class vs. a woman?