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Hands-On Wednesday

Crystal Snowflakes

We can’t help but dream of cooler weather as it starts to warm up outside. Escape the summer heat by creating your own winter wonderland out of crystal snowflakes. The snowflakes are made simply by using pipe cleaners, string, borax, boiling water, food coloring, and popsicle sticks. 

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Hands-On Wednesday

Magnet Jar

Explore magnetic fields by making your own magnet jar! Magnetic objects can either attract or repel other magnetic objects. All magnetic objects have magnetic poles where magnetic field lines begin and end. One pole is positive and the other is negative. Try it out and see how many fun shapes you can make with the magnets!


-       Steel wool or metallic powder

-       Cup or Jar

-       Lid

-       Tape

-       Scissors

-       Magnet

How To:

  1. Fill the cup with some metallic powder or cut up steel wool.
  2. Tape the top of the cup or put the lid on. Make sure the tape or lid is on tightly!
  3. Move your magnet around the cup or jar to see what happens!
  4. Use the magnet to clean up any excess magnetic powder or steel wool.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Colorful Convections

Convection is the way liquids move when they heat up. In this experiment, use food coloring and soap to observe this phenomenon. - the result is an especially colorful science experiment

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Hands-On Wednesday

Pool Noodle Roller Coaster

Work as a roller coaster engineer to design your very own marble roller coaster! See how steep you can make the drops and how twisty you can make the turns to create a thrilling ride for your marble thrill-seekers.

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