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Hands-On Wednesday

Make An Electromagnet

Unlike regular magnets, electromagnets can be turned on and off thanks to the battery. Wrap the wire around the nail and tape the ends to the battery. Be careful for it may become hot. 

You can use any type of battery, but the larger the battery, the more strength it has. Now use your electromagnetic nail to pick up some magnetic objects!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Robo Wheel

A flywheel is any spinning wheel that stores energy. When the energy is released, the wheel can keep spinning on its own through momentum. Create your own robo wheel by taping two paper bowls together, threading a string through the center of the bowls, and winding it up. Now you can do tricks and release your spinning robo wheel!

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Donor Spotlight: Girl Power Leotards

Today we are saying a huge thank you to Girl Power Leotards, who are donating a portion of their sales to Girlstart! Owner Lisa Fairman has designed a galaxy-print leotard in honor of women astronauts and opportunities for women in engineering. $1 of all of the sales of the galaxy leotard will benefit Girlstart, with more styles contributing to Girlstart becoming available throughout the year.

When asked what advice Fairman has for girls interested in STEM, she said, “I would tell girls who are interested in STEM to dream big! Never give up on their dream! In the words of T.S. Elliot, ‘Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.’” Thank you, Girl Power Leotards, for supporting STEM education for girls and helping to make the next generation of women engineers possible!



Hands-On Wednesday

The Lincoln High Dive

Make a penny dive straight down into a container of water by removing a hoop rapidly. When you pull the hoop out slowly, friction causes the penny to move with the hoop and it misses its target below. However, if you pull the hoop out very quickly, the lack of friction keeps the penny from going away with the hoop and gravity pulls it straight down. 

Use a stiff strip of paper that is .75 X 12 inches and create a hoop. Arrange your penny for a high dive and watch it land in the water! 

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