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Hands-On Wednesday

Burning Candles Underwater

Burn a candle in water in this experiment that demonstrates heat flow, the process that causes things to feel warm! The water surrounding the candle absorbs the heat from the flame, causing the candle to burn differently than a normal candle. When you light your underwater candle, light a normal one so you can compare the two. Which one burns longer? Do they look different after the flame has gone out?

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After School 'to Go' Fall 2016: Week 4

Liquid Circuits

During Week 4 of After School To-Go, students combined liquids and electricity and to bring a little light to the Electrical Engineer career. This activity should always be conducted with adult supervision! Girls investigated electrical currents to find a solution to the global problem of water access. First, students built closed circuits to light a bulb. Certain materials, like a paperclip and an eraser, were tested for conductivity.

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After School Fall 2016: Week 4

Shine bright!

At Week 4 of Girlstart After School, girls created their very own greeting card with a special twist - lights! Before lighting up their bright day, the girls learned new concepts such as conductor, complete circuit, closed circuit, energy transfer, insulator, and matter. Students would discover the terms throughout the activity.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Water Whistle

Make your own musical instrument using just a cup of water and a straw! When you blow through the straw, the moving air creates vibrations in the straw that produce a whistling sound. What happens to the sound if you move your straw up and down? If you use a different sized cup? Different sized straw?

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