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Camp World Tour Week 1 Recap

6th-8th grade campers received a behind-the-scenes look of the entertainment industry with Camp World Tour this week. The girls explored the many engineering careers that run the show as they soundproofed a recording studio, constructed a solar-powered tour bus, created a pinhole camera and more. The campers designed all the elements needed to produce an unforgettable show!

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Camp Under the Sea Week 1 Recap

Camp Under the Sea introduced our 4th-5th grade campers to the world of marine biology this week. The girls were conservationists as they constructed protective sea turtle cages. They were also orthotists and created prosthetic tails for injured dolphins. Campers became skilled programmers as well as they explored technology that can help our underwater creatures. The girls learned all this and more about the science under the sea. 

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Hands-On Wednesday


Build a simple hovercraft using everyday objects! Predict how the hovercraft will fly: will it glide, go up and down, or something completely unexpected? Create a hypothesis of how and why this hovercraft works and test it.

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Girlstart Summer Camp 'to Go'

Negley Elementary School

Negley Elementary, a part of our Hays CISD After School program, hosted Girlstart Summer Camp To-Go June 13-17.  Campers took on the role of aeronautical engineer as they built flying broomsticks.  Camp Hermione showed the girls many other STEM careers and magical projects throughout the fun week!

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