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Hands-On Wednesday

Popsicle Stick Catapult

Amaze your family and friends this Thursday with some fun Thanksgiving table tricks. Using items from the kitchen, you can pull a tablecloth out from under an entire place setting of dishes without them breaking or make a star out of toothpicks that moves on its own. These tricks may look like magic, but everything you see can be explained by physics.

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After School Fall 2015: Week 10

Fall Showcases

This week was the final week for Girlstart After School’s Fall 2015 semester. At the end of each semester, we like to celebrate everything the girls learned with a fun showcase! Girls at each school worked in teams to recreate an activity that they did this Fall, making a poster about what they learned, and designing an open house booth to show it all off. Then, parents, family, friends, and teachers were invited to visit the showcases to see what the girls did over the course of the semester. All of the Girlstart girls worked so hard this Fall and the showcases are a great opportunity to see how much fun they had too.

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After School 'to Go' Fall 2015: Week 10


It is the end! Can you believe this was our final club for the semester? This past week, we wanted to show off everything we’ve done and learned about to the parents of the girls!



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After School Fall 2015: Week 9

Setting Goals

It's hard to believe this semester has moved so quickly! Girlstart's After School participants spent the week discussing all the careers and opportunities they've learned about this semester. Girlstart's STEM Crew leaders talked to the girls about the importance of making goals in order to stay focused and succeed. The conversations stemmed from their favorite subject in school or their favorite activity from Girlstart this semester and how those could turn into long term possibilities. 

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