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Hermione’s Mayhem of Mazes Week 3 Guest Speaker

The last week of camp began with a virtual visit from Olivia Pavco-Giaccia, CEO and founder of LabCandy, a company that aims to encourage young girls in science. Olivia shared with the campers her story of how her love for science grew thanks to an amazing teacher, how to take risks that lead to opportunities, and how a pair of sparkly lab goggles launched a movement and changed her life.


Through colorful and unique lab coats and goggles, a storybook, and most recently, a YouTube channel, LabCandy is working to change the stereotype of scientists from a man in a white lab coat and goggles to someone more relatable and fun. An important message Olivia told the girls was that “grades definitely don’t define you, and if you really care about something, you should just go for it!”

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Girlstart Summer Camp 'to Go'

Sunnyvale Summer Camp To-Go Week 1

The first week of Girlstart’s Summer Camp To-Go at Bishop Elementary in Sunnyvale, California began July 18-22. One of the most exciting activities on the Camp Hermione schedule was designing a maze video game using Agent Sheets. The campers learned about “If, Then” programming statements to create the game. Through this activity the girls saw that computer science is quite magical!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Rapid Color Changing

Want to see liquid change colors in a bright and vibrant way? Just follow these simple instructions and watch the magic unfold! Hypothesize why this change happens, and why the colors change to other specific colors.

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Camp Hermione’s Mayhem of Mazes Week 2 6th-8th Recap

The 6th-8th graders had an enchanting week at Camp Hermione’s Mayhem of Mazes. Campers navigated numerous challenges such as engineering a waterproof and wind-resistant container for Hermione’s mail, cracking and coding secret messages, creating their own video games to challenge others, and much more. 

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